Public Repository Disclaimer

Public Repository Disclaimer

Packages provided in the public repository are provided with no guarantees. We do our best to review the packages before they are listed as public to make sure they are working correctly and free of malware or issues, but some times problems fall through the cracks or develop at a later time (such as download links no longer being available). Therefore packages provided in the public repository should not be used in a production setting.

Organizational users should make private copies of public packages to ensure sure they have full control over the packages being run in their environment. 


The public repository contains packages from individual users and not companies. The vendors of the packaged software found on the public repository are most likely not the ones creating or maintaining those packages. Please do not contact vendors with issues you find in the public repository.

Even though the Koupi team may create and maintain certain packages, this is not the case for most packages found on the public repository. Packages are provided and maintained by and for community members.

If you find malicious or defective packages on the public repository, please contact the Koupi team so we may take the appropriate action and remove the package from the public repository.


The Koupi team takes complaints very seriously. If you find packages in violation of our policies or a software manufacturer's, please contact us immediately so we may take the appropriate actions.

If you are a software manufacturer, and you feel like your software is being distributed inappropriately or illegally, please contact us immediately.