Public Packages Policies

What is a public package?

All users, when signing up for Koupi, get their own private repository. By default, packages created by a user are private. Users may elect to submit their packages for review to be published in the public repository.

When a package is submitted for review for the public repository, a non-editable copy of the package gets created and queued for approval. Once tested and approved, the package will be listed on the public repository page.

Think of the public page as the printed version of a digital document. If you make any changes to the digital copy, you will need to print a new version to update the one you printed previously. The same is true with a public package; it is not linked to the original package and will, therefore, not update if the original is modified.

Requirements for submitting a package public

Any private package may be submitted for review to appear on the public repository. However, there are certain rules you need to follow for your package to be approved:

  • NO MALICIOUS PACKAGES including but not limited to (submitting or distributing one of these will get you banned, and you IP blocked, permanently):

    • Spyware​

    • Adware

    • Malware

    • Ransomware

    • Trojans

    • Data harvesting

  • NO ILLEGAL/PIRATED SOFTWARE (submitting or distributing one of these will get you banned, and you IP blocked, permanently)

  • If you are making a package for someone else's software, you need to include all of the following:

    • Software Name​

    • Software Vendor Name

    • Software Vendor's website

    • Software License URL

    • Software Version

  • If you are making a package for someone else's software, the download URL has to be from the software vendor's website. It cannot be pointing to a file from a third party's website.​

  • NO LICENSE KEYS: if you are creating a package for a paid software that requires a license key or some form of activation, leave that data/variable blank or clearly invalid (such as AAAA-123-BBBB-4567-CC).


When you submit a package to be listed on the public repository, we first test it to make sure everything is working properly. We perform the following tests:

  1. Check for license and vendor website

  2. Read all the steps and code written

  3. Check for viruses or malware

  4. Run every stage of the package on a clean computer running a supported OS (sorry Windows 7) to make sure there are no issues.

Note: we cannot know or test that every single piece of software we review is installed/uninstalled/updated/etc. properly. Therefore, we only validate that the package executed properly and without errors.

Approval Speed

A package approval is done on a first-come-first-served basis. We approve packages chronologically based on the order they were submitted in. The rate at which we approve packages depends on how many packages are submitted, and how complex they are.

Withdrawing a package from submission

As long as a package has not been assigned to a moderator for review, you may delete the package. Once a package is assigned, you can no longer remove it from the approval queue. You will need to contact us.

Removing a Package from the Public Repository

Unless a package is stale, no longer meets our requirements highlighted above, or poses a security risk, public packages cannot be removed from the community repository.

However, packages submitted for the same version of the software/package will "overwrite" the existing public package by bidding the older version of the package. The old version will still be available for anyone with the link, but not visible from the repository.