Welcome to the Democratization of Automation!

We live in very interesting times. It used to be that to gain access to automation you had to buy heavy machinery. Then you had to know how to write code. Now tools like koupi.io give you access to automation without needing to code. Isn't it awesome!? It IS awesome! It means that instead of needing programmers to automate tasks the way they think it should be automated people can create their automation. Users will now be able to get their needs met without an intermediary. Best of all: They won't need to learn to program. Yay!! That's why we created koupi.io, we wanted a tool to enable us to easily automate our tasks. Programming was not an issue but we wanted to make it easier on ourselves and others. Being a programmer in a world of non-programmers, I've noticed countless times that people were doing things the hard way. A problem that could very easily be solved by just a few lines of code. Programming is intimidating but automation doesn't need to be. After all, humans are "machines" we "automate" regularly. We give people directions to get places. We tell them how to do their job. Marketers and salespeople know how to say the right things to get people to buy their products. How come we can easily "program" a person to do what we want them to do but struggle with machines that will only do what we tell them to do? At Koupi.io we think that this comes from the fact that, to program machines, we have to learn a brand new language. That's why we're working very hard to make our tool as close to how humans think as possible. Of course, there will always be room for improvement but we'll always try to get as close as possible.

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