Fun Fact Friday #3

It's been almost two months since our last update. Sorry about that. I've been working on a few things for Koupi to improve a lot of v1.0's interface. I just let loose those exciting changes into production, so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to go over them in a blog post to start the new year on a positive note.

New main interface

One of the most notable comments about Koupi is: "I click 'Get Started' on, and I end up on a page with a list of software with no idea what to do." Well, even though we're not entirely where I want to be on that page, I changed the home page to something more informational.

On this new page, you will also see shortcuts for Koupi, such as workflows, documentation, and support. This will hopefully help clarify things and help people get started with Koupi.

You can also see some global statistics about Koupi workflows (more to come). Right now, only the number of workflows created, as well as public workflows, are visible. If you have any suggestions for other statistics, let me know. I'm thinking of adding account-specific statistics as well.

Lastly, I added a list of blog posts since that's where new features and changes get announced. This will help bring awareness to new features.

Microsoft Login

I am actively working on rolling out new identity providers. My password manager has roughly 500 different accounts, so I hate creating new credentials for new websites.

I am starting with Microsoft since it is the one that works best right now. So if you have a Microsoft account such as or, you can use that account. Sadly, there is no support for Office 365 at the moment, but I am working on implementing it.

Workflows Cards

The workflow cards have also been re-worked. The original version had a lot of information in the form of icons. The new version is lighter but still contains all the information.

Rich Text Description

Lastly, we added a description to workflows with a rich text editor. This allows you to create workflows with user-friendly descriptions. These descriptions can be seen directly from the workflow list.

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