Generate PowerShell Code With No Code

Create customized PowerShell automation workflows in minutes without writing a single line of code.

Koupi demonstration

Save time

Use pre-made packages

Pick from a list of vetted public packages to get you started. Nothing says time-saver like "already done by someone else".


Every package that makes it to the public repository has been manually evaluated by us to make sure there are no viruses or malware, and that it's working as it should.

Koupi public repository

Learn quickly

Koupi step types animation

Just fill in the blanks

Seriously. Unless you want to write code, all you have to do is fill in the blanks and let Koupi do the rest.

We created Koupi to be more efficient when scripting. We try to make every step type and option as obvious as possible.

We also try and add new step types regularly so you can do anything you want to.

No setup required

Download and run

We like our machines lean(ish). We only want what we need, nothing more, nothing less. That's why we're not going to make you install another piece of software to use Koupi.

You want to run a package? Download it, run it, delete Koupi. It's like we were never there.

We work hard to make sure it works on an as close to barebone OS as possible.

Koupip download and run demonstration
Koupi logs example

Logs, Logs, Logs

I'm ready for your logs

We all want to know what's happening to our computer, especially if something goes wrong. With Koupi, every step is logged, no need to do anything


We just launched, so we don't have actual testimonials, yet, but here's what cool people like you would say.

Koupi is awesome! It cut down my scripting time from hours to minutes!



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With Koupi I didn't need to figure out how to solve that one task, someone already created a package for it.



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You read everything! Good job!